Experimenta Design Open Talks: Designers in the Age of Fear

  • lecturepress book2005.09.16Lisbon Biennale, Portugalwith John Thackara & Pedro Gadanho
    lecture, Ayssar Arida, podcast

    OPEN TALKS: City & Architecture, at the Experimenta Design / Bienale de Lisboa 2005.

    Ayssar Arida & Pedro Gadanho, Hosted by John Thackara



    An MP3 recording (podcast) of the event can be downloaded from http://www.livelanguage.org/

    In keeping with a tradition of fostering critical debate and encouraging active participation and awareness-raising, EXD05 introduces the Open Talks forum.

    In an informal setup, national and international experts and media professionals were joined by the audience in discussing current matters arising from the theme of the Biennale as well as its underlying issues.

    ‘Designers in the age of Fear’- City and Architecture was recorded on: Sep 16 11h30 - 13h30, Lisbon

    Talk Host: John Thackara [UK];
    Talkers: Ayssar Arida [UK]; Pedro Gadanho [PT];
    Media: Stefano Casciani, Domus [IT]; Kieran Long, Icon [UK];
    Agents Provocateurs: Lucy Bullivant [UK]; Ricardo Carvalho [PT]; Jacopo Crivelli Visconti [IT]; Helena Roseta [PT]; Colin Davies [UK];