Diventity: Identity, Density and Diversity

  • articlepress book2006.07.21LimitedLanguage.org
    Ayssar Arida, theory, identity, complexity, diversity

    Diventity: Identity, Density and Diversity

    I propose one simple caveat urban design should strive to implement:

    “Good urban space optimises Diventity” *.

    Diventity is a concept that links diversity, density, and identity, and I define it as such:

    Diventity allows identity to recursively emerge from the density of diversity, when that density reaches a critical mass.
    Readers interested in the “new sciences” of complexity, chaos theory, self-regulation, emergence, and so on, and in the worldview some call the post-Cartesian worldview (I have called it the Quantum paradigm) - will recognise in this definition notions of great relevance to living organisms, in particular to contemporary cities.

    A city is much more than its stones, a city is memories and relationships and friendships and fears and ambitions; it is stories and histories interacting in the society-space-time continuum.